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How we build the best websites

At MBG Media we have a detailed process for building websites. We design and develop websites based on years of experience. We know what works best. We do this through combining expertise from website development, digital marketing, branding, search engine optimization, user experience and many more techniques. We build custom websites for each of our customers, after analysing their unique business and needs. Get in touch with a specialist so that we can analyse your needs.

Our website design pricing 

MBG Media wants to help you to be more visible online with the best website design to suit your business needs.

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We have the best Website designer to help you create a brand that will intrigue your target audience. Our website designers are skilled in creating custom websites for your ideal client.

Why your business needs a website


Every business is unique in one way or another. But one thing about all businesses is the same. They need to me making sales to humans. Whether you sell directly to consumers, or to other businesses’ procurement officer. These people will search for your products online. This can be done on Google, Facebook, Bing and other social media sites. People will then click through to your website to see what your company is all about and which products and services you sell. If you do not have a website, these people will rather buy from your competitors.

But, almost every business has a website. It is no longer good enough to only have a website that floats around between all the other websites that are out there. You need to build a website that stands out. One that will show up first in search results, loads super fast and looks amazing. You want to capture the attention of your customers on your website. MBG Media can build that website for you. One that amazes customers. One that represents the quality and uniqueness of your brand. Order website design and development from us and you will not be disappointed.

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Having a website is great but you need to market your business online for people to see it.

We design websites that work with digital marketing. Your business needs to appear before your ideal client, we can help you do this with our multitude of digital marketing packages.


Over the years we have built and developed a multitude of websites for all kinds of business industries. Have a look at what they have to say about it.

Looking to start a business or rebrand your existing one?

We have the best graphic designer to help you create a brand that will intrigue your target audience. Our graphic designers are skilled in creating brand custom to your ideal client.

What is website design and development


There is a difference between website design and website development. However, both are part of the process of building a good website. Website design is building the pages so that they look good. This is done on the front end and alter how websites appear to the user when it is viewed. Website development is done on the back end. It alters how the website works. It is done on the back-end of the website. The user visiting the website will not see this. Often times it involves code like CCS and HTML.

Website design near me


Because of the technology that exists today, we are never far away from you. MBG Media is a professional website design and development agency that uses technology to communicate well with our customers. You can easily book meetings online and send us emails. We can demo the websites that we build online. You are also welcome to book a physical meeting with us when you are in Pretoria. Please pop into our office to see what it is like.

How does the website design and development workflow look:

Discovery Meeting / Call

We meet with you to define the strategy and vision you have for your website, and collect any information from you for specific requirements on your site.


We write a Proposal Document, that highlights the scope of work, timelines and costs. We also include our working contract. Once you approve the proposal, a 50% deposit is required to commence the work.


We create a PDF Mockup for the design of the Home Page and an internal page, so you can see the look and feel of the site before we write any actual code. You can iterate on these designs until you are happy with the design direction.

Site Build

You will need to send us your content before we can begin this phase. We then build the website. We take special care to make sure the site build adheres to the following rules: You will need to send us your content before we can begin this phase.

We then build the website. We take special care to make sure the site build adheres to the following rules:

Mobile First: Your site must look great on all devices

Speed: Through image compression and code optimization, we make sure your site is fast. Your hosting provider can also have an effect on this so we will advise here if necessary. 

Basic SEO: We make sure your site is built following SEO best practices, such as a clear title tag and meta tags, and we also look at your content for each page and advise changes if necessary.

Design Changes / Alterations

You will review a first draft of the site and make any changes if required. We iterate the design and development to ensure you are happy.


If your site has any advanced functionality or third party integrations, that is done in this step. Once tested and working we move on to the next phase:

Pre-Launch Checklist

We make sure your site has all the necessary bells and whistles and optimizations before going live, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Reporting, Backups and Security Monitoring in place.

Going Live!

Some final tests are done and once you approve, your balance payment is due. Once this is received your site is released to the world : )


A post launch process, we create a simple guide for you on how your site is used, how to add new content, etc.

Some things that we can do with our website design and development

We receive a lot of questions about what we can do with our website design and development. The short answer is anything. But below we will explain a few things that we can do.

Website design for small business

Website design and development for small businesses is a bit different from that of a big corporate. Big corporates would like to showcase their products, put up a callcentre number and perhaps a function where potential employees can apply for a job.

On the other hand, small businesses have stories to tell. These stories are very unique from other businesses. Every good small business owner cares deeply about the issue that they are trying to solve. This needs to be shared with potential customers.

We have built countless websites for small businesses that are each unique.

Website design for e-commerce

Website design with the goal of selling products and services online is vastly different from websites that only give information.

E-commerce or online store websites also give information, but they also want to sell some products. Apart from that, they need payment systems, checkout functionality and should be easy to navigate.

These e-commerce websites are therefore much more complex than basic websites. We have built many e-commerce websites across many different industries that convert visitors into customers.

Website design like Netflix

Websites that are built for the purpose of streaming videos to customers are also very complex. That is if you want to do it well.

They need to be hosted on dedicated servers that need a lot of space to store all the videos. They need to be very fast, otherwise customers will leave, and they need to be able to handle a lot of customers that stream videos at the same time.

Our team of website designers and developers have built at least 2 online streaming websites like Netflix.

Find out how we can help grow your business today.


We believe that relationship is what we are made for.  So as a team, we not only want to become strategic partners in your business through our specific skills but also build relationships that will last.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about website design to help your business grow.

Do you have website hosting for small businesses?

Yes, we have small hosting packages for small businesses that are perfect for starting out. We can host your website for the small fee of R99. Plus we will throw in a free domain registration and renewal every year.

Can a website design be copywrited?

Yes, anything that you create from scratch and is a result of your art work and creation can be copywrited, as long as it’s unique.

Do you do website design in Pretoria?

Yes, we do provide website design in Pretoria. We also provide website development in Pretoria. Please contact us if you would like to set up a meeting with one of our team members, or visit our offices in Rietvalleirand.

Do you do website design in South Africa?

Yes we do website design in South Africa. In fact, almost all of our website design clients are in South Africa. Our offices are in Pretoria. This means that we know the South African online environment and businesses well.

Do you do website design in Durban?

Yes, we can build websites in Durban. We also provide website development in Durban.

Do you provide website development in Gauteng?

Yes, we do provide website development in Gauteng. We also provide website development in Gauteng.

Are you a website design company?

Yes, we are a website design company. We have a team of website designers and a team of website developers. This ensures that we build some of the best websites in the industry. We also provide other services that we have specialists for. These services include Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Software Development, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Printing and Branding, Video Editing, and 2D animation.

Do you provide website maintenance?

Yes, we provide website maintenance packages from R450 per month. This includes daily backups, plugin updates, theme updates, security checks, analytics feedback, hosting, domain registration and renewal fees.

Do you do website design in Cape Town?

Yes, we do provide website design services in cape town. You can set up a meeting with us on our contact page to hear more about how we can help businesses in Cape Town to be represented well online. We also provide website development in Cape Town.

Do you do website design in Johannesburg?

Yes, we do website design in Johannesburg. We also do website development in Johannesburg. If you would like to know how you can visit our offices or speak with one of our team members, please contact us. We would love to meet with you.


Unit 64, Tannery Industrial Park, 309 Derdepoort Rd, Silvertondale, Pretoria, 0184

078 254 1222