How you can start with video marketing

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Why video marketing

Video marketing is the new kid on the block. Everyone, from young to old, spends much of their time watching videos. This is done on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and many more social media platforms. People will rather watch a video than read an article. Youtube is also the second biggest search engine in the world! If your business isn’t making videos then you are falling behind. Watch the video below to learn more:

Video advertising for your business

Video advertising and marketing is for all businesses. All businesses, big or small, and all types of businesses should be doing business.

What is video marketing


What is video marketing: The use of video to promote your brand or products to your target audience. This can be done in various ways as we will learn later in this article. There are many videos out there, but you need to capture the attention of users with videos that are much better than the rest.

How does video marketing work with MBG Media?

You might be wondering how does video marketing work? Or how to do video marketing. In this next section I am going to explain how video marketing works at MBG Media.

Set up a meeting with a video editing specialist

To be able to do any kind of video marketing for you, we need to first understand your business. We want to get to know you and help you with a solution that is unique to you. For that we need to set up a free consultation meeting. In this meeting we will discuss your business, your business goals and how you want to differentiate yourself from your competition. Then we can move on to a quote.

Video strategy proposal and quote

Only when we know your goals well can we start to develop a video marketing strategy for you. In this step we prepare a proposal that explains exactly what we are going to do. Also, we include how much each part of the strategy will cost. This way you can pick exactly what you want and leave the rest.

Putting your strategy into action

After a deposit has been received, we can start with making the videos, 2D animations and special effects for you. In this stage you will still be in full control of what you get. Our video marketing specialist will put together a draft video that is sent to you. Any changes that you would like to make can then be made. You even get 3 rounds of changes!

Sending through the final videos

After full payment has been received your creative and unique videos will be sent to you. You can then choose if you would like to book a meeting with our digital marketing specialist. This department will help you to get the most out of your videos by posting it in the right places at the right time, with your overall marketing strategy in mind. We can also help you with blogs, designs and other supporting content.


Sit back, relax and have a cup of tea. Your results will start to show. Whether it is to get more likes and follows, or whether it is to educate your audience. Even if the idea was to make more sales. We custom make the videos based on your results!

Video advertising and marketing for different kinds of businesses

Video advertising and marketing is for everyone. Big or small, your business should be advertising using video.

Video marketing for small business

Small businesses can start by sharing their story on social media. They should use video to tell people why they exist and how they make a difference in the world. Start by just doing a screen recording, or showing people your store. You can take a video of an interview with a happy client. When you are a really small business, people do not expect your videos to be very professional. They will watch it even if there are mistakes. But you have to get your videos out there!

Video for restaurants

There are many creative ways in which restaurants can make video work on social media and on their websites. You can show visitors what they can expect from their visit by making a video of someone walking through the restaurant. This person can explain all the pro’s and cons of sitting in what areas. They can explain what food is best. Restaurants can also show people what the food is like, how it is cooked. They can give people tips on how to cook food at home. They can interview their staff to show potential customers how professional and skilled their people are. Showing customers they are in good hands when visiting the diner. The opportunities are endless.

Video marketing for Lawyers

Lawyers have a lot of knowledge that they can share in various ways. But people do not read long forms of content anymore. We believe that the answer to this is video. Lawyers can greatly benefit from holding live sessions on social media platforms where they can share their knowledge on various topics. Viewers can then ask questions that can be answered to get engagement from the audience. This will help to show relevant people groups that you know what you are doing. This can lead to new business for these law firms. There are many other ways in which lawyers can market themselves through video.

Video marketing for nonprofits

Businesses that do not trade for profit, but rather exist to make a difference in the world can greatly benefit from video. Just think of the video that went viral a while ago about how plastic straws affect the environment. Not only did it get a lot of shares, people also made a massive change to their behaviour. If you make videos to tell the story of how your organisation makes the world a better place, people will respond. Start telling your story through interviews, animations and videos about what you are doing.

Video advertising for real estate agents

Videos can really help real estate businesses and real estate agents to get the word out there. Just like you would show your clients the house, apartment or building in a viewing, you can also do on video. Ask a colluegue to take a video of you walking through the house for example. Tell people how many rooms there are, how close it is to stores, schools and other places of interest.

You can even do some live videos on your various social platforms where people can also ask questions. Just like when you show people the house physically. However, when you live stream the videos you can reach a much bigger audience compared to the alternative. People will also be able to watch the video afterwards, expanding your reach beyond what you can imagine.

Video marketing compared to other forms of advertising

There are many forms of marketing, advertising and selling. Video is only one of these methods. In the next section we will explore the difference between video marketing and other forms of advertising. But first, lets look at the difference between video marketing and video advertising.

Video marketing vs Video advertising

Let’s first look at the definitions of marketing. Marketing includes all advertising, but also includes the research, pricing, and the feedback of the advertising efforts. Marketing is also about preparing the marketplace for your product. In marketing you need to tell the story of your brand, the problem that you are solving for your customers and what difference your product makes.

Advertising is a part of marketing where you pay for your content to be shown to people, usually showcasing your products. In advertising you want to convince people to buy your products.

Therefore, video marketing is telling your brand story, telling people about your products, and giving people feedback. It can also be used to educate your audience. Video advertising is all about your product.

Video marketing vs Content marketing

Content marketing is the creation of content to get customers to your website. This can be to educate customers, to answer questions and to let them know what you are doing. This includes writing blogs, FAQs and answering questions online.

When people then ask these questions on social media and search engines, they will get to your amazing content and learn more about your brand. Videos can also be used in the same way. Instead of writing the content, you express it in a creative way through audio and video. It has more or less the same advantages as creating content.

Video is also a type of content that you can create. The alternatives are blogs, podcasts, images, infographics and so much more.

Video marketing vs Print marketing

Print marketing is the placing of your marketing material on printed material. It can be done on pamphlets, business cards, in newspapers, magazines, billboards, outdoor branding material, and so many more places.

Since it is printed on a physical medium, it can only be seen by the people that are physically there. People are also moving away from reading physical media to online and social media. Videos, on the other hand, can reach an unlimited audience. Mobile devices make it possible to share videos with your friends online. Therefore, video is a better form of marketing when compared with print media.

Need to market your business online for people to see it.

Your business needs to appear before your ideal client, we can help you do this with our multitude of digital marketing packages.

Videos that we have produced

Video advertising and marketing is for everyone. Big or small, your business should be advertising using video.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about video Marketing to help your business grow.

How important is video marketing?

There is a trend in video marketing that makes it more important every day. People enjoy watching videos. It will be very beneficial to your brand to use video as part of your overall marketing strategy.

What is the video marketing definition?

The use of video to promote your brand or products to your target audience.

Is there a video marketing agency near me?

Yes. MBG Media uses advanced technologies that will make it feel as if we are never far away. MBG Media is a video marketing agency in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Why video marketing is important in 2020

Having videos online for your business is important because people are watching more videos online in 2020 than ever before in history.

Does video marketing work?

Video works! In our experience at MBG Media, having all kinds of videos for your business helps you to get your brand out there. People will rather watch a quick video than read a blog.

Will video marketing help my business?

Video marketing will help your business in multiple ways. People will view your videos, become more aware of your brand, and listen to your brand story. All of this will help to build the brand of your business.

Are there Video Marketing companies near me?

MBG Media is a video marketing company in Pretoria, South Africa. However, because of technology, we are never more that one click away.

Why does video marketing matter?

Why video marketing matters: people watch a lot of video content online. As is explained in the article above. If you are not using video to market to your audience, your business is in trouble in 2020.

Why is video marketing so powerful?

Why video marketing is so powerful: A picture speaks a thousand words. But, a video is 100 pictures per minute. Therefore, a video speaks one hundred thousand words per second. This is why video marketing works.


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