New Site up and Running!

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So, this is our first post on our shiny new website.

What do ya think? Feel free to comment below. So anyway, here’s a rundown of what we’ll be doing:

Obviously we’ll be continuing our regular business, which is awesome web and graphic design services, however we’ve added quite a lot of other nifty things as well, the most revolutionary of which is our monthly payment plan option for new websites. You can now get a brand new website designed by us, and then pay monthly for it.

This allows us to view our customers’ sites as subscriptions to our business, giving us the opportunity to work more hand in hand with our clients in keeping their sites current. Before, we’d build a site and hand it over. Job done, right? Nope, seems most of the time customers came back to us asking for changes to be done on their sites. So we charged per hour for these changes.

Now, you don’t pay a huge sum upfront for the building of the site AND we give you unlimited small changes for as long as your our client. This doesn’t mean adding whole new sections and pages, but making changes to text, images, prices etc is now free for our monthly customers. In the long run, it will actually save you a lot of money.

So give it a try!

Other than that, we’ve also affiliated with many other design companies, the two most exciting of which are 99 Designs and COMO. Be sure to check out our Resources Page for more information on that.

So, welcome to our new site, be sure to Holler at us if you need anything.