Graphic Design

With over 10 years of experience, our graphic designers guarantee to deliver only the highest quality work and will not rest until our clients are satisfied.

Furthermore, we've affiliated with 99 Designs to give our clients even more options to choose from when doing any print or image design.

We're also proud of our magazine Embassy Direct, which MBG Media is the sole designer of.


When it comes to design, Options is what makes the difference.


Print Specials

Take advantage of these print specials and we'll do the design for free:

R 399  
500 Gloss Front, Matt Back Cards
R 2100  
5000 Full Color Flyers !

Design Services

Our design team spares no expense when it comes to designing your vision:

R 2000  
R 350 / Hour
For general design work

99 Designs

We've affiliated with 99 Designs, a design agency in San Francisco, California. Their new approach to design is revolutionizing the way clients interact with designers. How it works is, you specify what you need in your design and submit to the site. Then, freelance designers from all over the world compete amongst themselves to see who can create the best solution for the client.

This gives you dozens of options to choose from and also creates a desire amongst designers to give their utmost best. Although it may be only slightly more expensive than our own designers (prices start at around $200 for a logo), the vast library of options presented to the client is really what makes this service special. We recommend this service as an alternative to our clients who are looking for as many options to choose from as possible. Expect around 30 options to choose from when you want a logo. To try this service out, click the link below. MBG clients get a free design voucher when using this link to take advantage of this great service: