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MBG Media has over 25 years of experience in Graphic Design. We have created designs for all kinds of businesses. From startups to corporates. We have seen which designs work in which industry in South Africa and which don’t. Look better than your competitors today by ordering a new logo, a corporate identity, social media posts, new business cards, and so many more.

Our graphic design pricing

MBG Media wants to help you to be more visible online with the best website design to suit your business needs.

Logo Design

Logo Design for business.


R2 700


1 Final Logo Design

3 Alterations

Corporate ID

Corporate brand


R4 500


Logo Design

Business Card


Email signature

3 Alterations

Corporate ID Manual

Full corporate brand


R10 500


Logo Design

Business Card


Email signature

Brand Manual

Start promoting your brand online today.

We design websites that work with digital marketing. Your business needs to appear before your ideal client, we can help you do this with our multitude of digital marketing packages.

Why graphic design is important for businesses

If you do not have Graphic Design for your business you will not look very good to your customers. Because of Globalisation, all businesses are competing on a global scale. And you need to at least look as good as your competition. At MBG Media we strive to make our customers stand out from their competition.

Most of the places where graphic design is needed for small businesses is the places where customers find you first. This means that the design of your brand is the first impression that customers get when they see your business. First impressions last very long. If you make a bad first impression with a potential client, they might never do business with you.

We urge you to get excellent designs done for your business, so that you can stand out from the crowd of competition and secure the highest paying clients.

Turn your great brand into a promotional video for your business.

Our video team can help your business make 3x more sales using video marketing. Your business needs to appear before your ideal client, we can help you do this using video.

What is graphic design

Graphic design is the art of displaying visual content to display messages. Applying page design order and digital page layout techniques. Graphic designers use typography and images to meet users’ specific wants and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs to optimise the user experience.

If you would like to have a 2D animation like this video  for your business, please visit our Video Editing page.

Website design and development

After your small business has a corporate identity, you need to have a website designed. A website makes it real. These days, it is almost unheard of to have a business without a website. It is where people go when they want to learn a bit more about your business. This is where people go to find out more about your products or services. It is where people go when they want to buy from you. It also helps people to find you on Google and Bing. This makes it extremely important for every startup to get a website.

Although it is some form of graphic design, it is much more complicated. That is why we have a separate team of website designers and developers. They build some of the best and most beautiful websites in any industry. You can find out more, or even start the website order process on our website design and development page.

What type of graphic design can we do?

We have a team of professional graphic designers that can design anything based on your unique needs. If you do not find what you are looking for in the next section or on our online shop, please contact us to discuss your unique needs. Here are a few examples of what we can do. It is also in the order that we do them for new businesses, but of course, you can start at any of these stages.

Corporate Identity

This includes a small portfolio of designs that a small business can use to start off their journey. It includes a logo design, business card design, Facebook banner design, letterhead design, email signature design, and Facebook page icon design.

Logo Design

Graphic design for logo’s is a unique art. The logo represents a business on all platforms. It is displayed everywhere and on everything. Where ever the business name appears, the logo will also be.

Therefore it is very important for every business to have a logo that represents your brand. Your logo needs to stand out from your competition. It needs to tell your unique story in one small image or illistration.

This is why you need a professional logo designed by a professional designer. Someone who knows what they are doing.

Business card design

Graphic design for business cards is also very important. It represents you and your business whenever you meet a new client or potential strategic partner.

It is what you exchange at every network event that you attend. Therefore, it is important that your business card has an elegant design that tells people what quality work you do at the first glance. MBG Media can also print your business cards for you, should the need arise.

Social media banner design

Social media has become very important for every business that is serious about getting new clients and maintaining relationships with current clients.

It is the social media platforms that display your business and its activities. I

t is therefore very important that your Facebook banner is well designed and explains what you do well in just a few seconds. For an example of how a Facebook banner should look, please visit our Facebook page.

Letterhead design

A letterhead is more a legal requirement for businesses. Whenever your employees need to apply for basically anything, they need to have a letter with the official company letterhead on.

It can also be used as the front page of physical and electronic letters to clients, suppliers and strategic partners. This needs to represent your brand colours and what you stand for.

Email signature design

Graphic design for email signatures is also a very important aspect for any business. Businesses send out a lot of emails to customers, suppliers, employees and strategic partners.

An email signature needs to display your name, your position at the company and your contact details. This makes it easy for potential customers to contact you and buy your products.

Since it is displayed on every email that you send, make sure it is well designed and represents your brand well.

All of these designs that form part of the corporate identity need to have a universal design. Across the logo, letterhead, email signature, social media pages, your brand feeling and identity needs to look the same. This is why we call it a corporate identity. All of these designs represent your brand, so they need to be done well and they need to have the same feeling. When you give a potential client your business card at an event and send him an email afterwards, he will remember you based on the business card and email signature looking the same (compared to each other) and standing out from the rest of the businesses.

LinkedIn lead generation for B2B

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a B2B Lead Generation Machine with up to 40 new leads every month ready to buy.

Other types of graphic design we have done well

At MBG Media we do the whole process. From the design of anything that you would like to print or brand, through the printing and branding and the delivery to your door. There are a few different printing and branding things that we think you should get, but for a more comprehensive look at what we can print, go visit our Printing and Branding page. Here are a few things you might need graphic designing and printing of as a startup business.

Magazine design

Every year we do a few magazines. This is more a big job for corporates and publishing companies.

If you would like to see an example of magazines we have designed, please contact us. Below is an example of the newest Embassy Direct magazine that we design every year.

Year end financial statements

Our team of graphic designers can design a front page for your year end results. This will give your company an edge over competitors when it is well designed.

Contact our chief designer should you have any queries or require a graphic design quote.

Advertisement designs

If you want your brand to really stand out from the competition, your ads need to look amazing. We can do any social media post designs. We also have a Digital Marketing expert that can guide your business to succeed online.

To find out more you can visit our Digital Marketing page.

We can also make short 2D animation clips that grab peoples attention so that they want to do business with you. Please visit our Video Editing page to get in contact with our 2D animation expert.

Any other type of graphic design

If you have an idea for a design that needs to be done which is not explained above, you can book a meeting with us to speak about it.

We have a whole team of graphic design specialists that can design anything based on your needs.

Some of the work we have done.

Find out how we can help grow your business today.


We believe that relationship is what we are made for.  So as a team, we not only want to become strategic partners in your business through our specific skills but also build relationships that will last.

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Printing and branding graphic design

At MBG Media we do the whole process. From the design of anything that you would like to print or brand, through the printing and branding and the delivery to your door. There are a few different printing and branding things that we think you should get, but for a more comprehensive look at what we can print, go visit our Printing and Branding page. Here are a few things you might need graphic designing and printing of as a startup business.

Outdoor branding

Outdoor branding includes a lot of displays of your brand outside the office.

If you are a small business that sells at markets or festivals, these designs can be especially helpful. These graphic designs include a gazebo, teardrop flags, and signboards.

Gazebo graphic design

If you are going to stand on the street corner or at a market or festival, you definitely need a gazebo.

A gazebo is almost like a tent with open sides that provides shade for your people. But it can also be a massive display of your business.

Gazebo’s can be printed on. This means people will be able to see you from far at a market.

Flag and banner graphic design

Flags and banners can expand your reach from your office or your stall at a market. Your gazebo can only be at one place.

Flags can be put far and wide with your branding on to lead potential customers to your stall. Banners can be used to grab attention of someone walking past and can be used to explain a bit about what your business does.

It can also be used at networking events to draw attention to your table or show people where you are.

Signboard graphic design

Signboards can be used to permanently display your name or directions to your office. This can be helpful for people to see where you are in the business complex.

Or if your business is around the corner of a busy intersection, it can be used to show people where to find you.

All of these physical products should have the same feeling as your online marketing and profiles. Your business should look the same across all platforms and places. When people meet you at a market and visit your website, they should be comfortable that it is the same business. If it looks different, they will quickly leave the website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about Graphic design to help your business grow.

Can you provide graphic design and animation?

Yes, we have a team of designers that can do any kind of design. And we have a team of video editors that can do compelling and breathtaking 2D animations. You can learn more about our video marketing services here.

Do you do graphic design near me?

We do graphic design near you. Because of advanced technology we are never far away. We can have face to face meetings with you over the internet. This makes it feel as if we are never far away.

Do you do graphic design near here?

Where ever ‘here’ is, we are there. You can always pop into our office at 264 Jochem street, Rietvalleirand. Or you can just book a quick consultation with one of our graphic designers here.

Do you have graphic design jobs available?

Yes, we are always looking to expand our team of graphic designers. If you think you are the perfect candidate for a graphic design job, please apply here.

Do you provide digital marketing?

We have a team of professional digital marketers with over 15 years of experience. We always keep up to date with what works in various industries and the changing trends of digital marketing. You can learn more here.

Do you do graphic design nearby?

Yes, because of advanced technology we are always nearby. In fact, we are only a click of a button away. Book a meeting with us here.


Unit 64, Tannery Industrial Park, 309 Derdepoort Rd, Silvertondale, Pretoria, 0184

078 254 1222