Building a $120k revenue Woocommerce store in 7 days

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Here at MBG Media, we have always had a passion for building sites that not only looks good but also achieves and exceeds our customers’ expectations. One such success story is the WooCommerce site we’ve built which marries technology with outdoor sports: DroneFishing.

DroneFishing, now called Gannet, is a online store we built back in August 2016. Our client gave us a clear objective and a very tight deadline: Build a successful online store to sell my new invention. Oh, and you need to have it selling and completed in 7 days. No pressure. At first, we were hesitant to take on this task. But after some deliberation, we decided to take our shot.

It was an obvious choice for us to use Woocommerce. It’s the only platform that would allow such rapid deployment while still leaving room for tweaks, updates and other additions the client might require in the future. We have built other successful sites that use Woocommerce before but never on such a tight deadline. One week to go from scratch to having the site live and receiving orders? Sounds like a tall order. Spoiler, we not only did that but actually got the first order through in that timeframe as well.

So, we went ahead and took all the assets from the client, which was 1 logo and some instructional video clips on how to use this new product, along with some promotional clips our video editor made and started planning the layout of the site.

DroneFishing, as the name implies, is a company (at the time a few days old company) that sells parts you can mount on a DJI drone to help you get your fishing rig deployed at the perfect spot. Think of it like guided missile tracking only for casting in a fishing line. See an example video of it on the actual site here. We installed the theme, installed Woocommerce and cranked out some images for banner sliders and did the layout for the site.

Over the next 2-3 days, we took some product images of the actual devices that the site would launch with. Initially, only around 5-6 products would be added for the launch. We took the photos, deep edged them using Photoshop and started adding products into Wocommerce. We decided to PayPal as a Payment gateway, although it should be mentioned that we have had success using Woocommerce with many different payment gateways, from Paypal, Stripe and 2Checkout, as well as Payfast, for our South African clients.

Next, we added the shipping zones, which was quite easy, given that the products were quite small. We would later add DHL integration, however, for the first few months, we worked off of a fixed fee for all shipments ($30), which made things easier. We were shipping From South Africa.

Finally after all that we added some content like the FAQ’s, the About Us Page , Contact Page, etc. Within 5-6 days had an online store! Here is what that first build looked like:


And here is what the store looks like. As you can see, the deep edged images over a white background is an easy go-to when you have limited time:


We felt pretty good about ourselves, we basically did an MVP (minimum viable product) for our product that actually looked kinda not MVP, but actually rather good, even if we said so ourselves. But then, we decided to try something truly crazy. To get the first sale through within the specified 7-day timeframe. We even placed bets on what time the first order would come through. (Eugene, our Graphic Design lead, won that bet).

In order to get the initial traffic to the site, we took to social media! We found that the best way to get traffic to the site fast was to target various Facebook fishing groups. We also ran a small Adwords campaign. The promo videos were particularly effective. In fact, in the past few months since launching the Facebook page (which was also made by us while we built the site), many videos have hundreds of thousands and some even a million views:

This screenshot is where our views are now, at the time of this article.

So, coming back to our build of this site, we managed to get the first sale through, along with two other sales on the day of launch.

Where we are now.

As of the writing of this article, our client has had over 700 units shipped and is now constantly releasing new products and continues to make use of Woocommerce’s user-friendly system. Sales are increasing and our client has been using many of our other services, such as design and photography.

We would only recommend Woocommerce to our clients for creating online stores. The flexibility, ease-of-use, and scalability of this platform is simply the best, in our opinion.