How to Automate your small business with IFTTT

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Stop wasting time & Automate

Using automation can be a great way for bloggers and small businesses to leverage their online marketing efforts. One of the more well known and easy to use tools for this is called If This Then That or IFTTT for short. I personally use it and it’s super easy get started and has integration with 152 web services (and growing), such as online tools and social media platforms.

So, let’s take a look at how to set up IFTTT and then we’ll look at some recipes which we’ve found useful in growing our Design business.

IFTTT is an App that is available for iOS,Android, as well the web. Download it, set it up and you’re ready to start creating some recipes! In this example, we’ll make all our tweets go automatically generate updates on our LinkedIN profile.

Firstly, select the IF trigger (what App and what action). You’ll be asked to log in to that service and authorize IFTTT to do stuff. Here we’ll just pick twitter and new tweets.

Then, tell IFTTT what needs to happen whenever said trigger happens. So here we’ll select LinkedIN and tell IFTTT to create a new update.

Tap finish and and you’re done! Now whenever we tweet our LinkedIN profile is being contributed to as well.

And that’s just one recipe. Let’s look a few more which we’ve found useful:

10 IFTTT recipe’s for small business owners:

You can go ahead and click them to add them to YOUR IFTTT

1: Tumblr post to Twitter
This is great for letting people know about your new Tumblr post. (You can do the same for Facebook too)

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet your new Tumblr posts. connects tumblr to twitter

2: Save new contacts to Google Drive Spreadsheet
We’ve had that dilemma of contacts getting lost when switching platforms (iOS to Android, vice versa etc.). Make sure it never happens again by saving your contacts in your own Google Spreadsheet to be kept safe and backed up.

IFTTT Recipe: Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet connects ios-contacts to google-drive

3: Instagram to Native Twitter Images
Ever see someone post Instagram photos on Twitter? See how it always shows up as a link that you first have to click before seeing the image? That’s because Instagram doesn’t post native Twitter images when you choose ‘Post to Twitter’ in the Instagram app itself. It kills your engagement with that photo from twitter users because they just flip past it. Make sure you catch their eye by choosing this IFTTT recipe. It will make your all your Instagram photos appear in Twitter like normal Twitter photos.

Just remember not to choose ‘Post to Twitter’ in Instagram itself. IFTTT will do all the work for you.

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram To Native Twitter Pic connects instagram to twitter

4: Facebook to Twitter & Vice Versa

This is great for pushing your post to both these giant platforms at once, saving you time. Works both ways! Thanks IFTTT!

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet my Facebook status updates connects facebook to twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Post your tweets and retweets to Facebook connects twitter to facebook

5: Log your hours spent at work using your location
Who needs timecards anymore? If you still need to know exactly how long you spend at work (or maybe a client), use this IFTTT recipe to know when you arrive. Then when you leave, it will automatically log the hours for you in a Google Spreadsheet. All this and you didn’t even look at a clock or touch your phone.

For iOS:
IFTTT Recipe: Automatic work hours log in Google Spreadsheet connects ios-location to google-drive

For Android:
IFTTT Recipe: Work Hours Google Spreadsheet connects android-location to google-drive

6: Get notified when a company you follow on LinkedIN has a new job opening
LinkedIN is a great way to get connected to companies you like. Now use IFTTT to get a job there. Be ready as soon as any position opens up at those companies. (That they post on LinkedIN)

IFTTT Recipe: If new job opening at a company you follow, then send an email  connects linkedin to gmail

7: WordPress Post to FB Page post:
Notify your Facebook Business Page followers about new blog posts on your website with this nifty IFTTT recipe.

IFTTT Recipe: Add a new WordPress post & it updates your Facebook Page with a link post connects wordpress to facebook-pages

8: Tumblr to WordPress
Tumblr is also a very popular and powerful blog platform. But why write a blog post twice, for Tumblr THEN for WP. Let IFTTT just do it for you.

IFTTT Recipe: Post to your WordPress what you post on Tumblr connects tumblr to wordpress

Vice Versa:

IFTTT Recipe: WP to Tumblr connects wordpress to tumblr

9: Save battery power by turning off wifi when leaving an area:
Move around a lot during the day? Battery life on smart phones, despite all the latest breakthroughs, are still pretty bad. Don’t run out of juice because your wifi is on when you don’t need it. When you leave the office, this recipe will turn off your wifi for you. Wifi uses a lot of battery.

IFTTT Recipe: If you exit an area. Turn OFF WiFi to save battery power connects ios-location to ios-notifications

10: Mute my device during meetings:
You calendar can tell your phone to shut up when you have meetings. Saving you the embarrassment of the Star Wars theme song going off during a corporate presentation. (Really happened to me)

IFTTT Recipe: Mute my device during meetings connects google-calendar to android-device

There are still thousands of recipe’s to explore. But even better, why not cook up your own. Automate your life!