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Our social media specialists receive a number of questions from clients who are just starting out with social media advertising and do not yet understand how Facebook ads work. In this article, we answer Facebook marketing FAQs.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Facebook paid to advertise and answered them. Here are the six most asked questions about Facebook ads.

⦁ How often should I be posting on my Facebook page?

Facebook marketing FAQ #1. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. How often you post really depends on how much original content you have available, what your product/service is, and how your audience engages with that content.

It is better to post less often, if you are short of time and original content, than to post the same thing numerous times – quality vs quantity. Keep in mind that consistency is key. If you posted once a day for two months and then don’t post anything for weeks, it may appear to your audience that you don’t have time (which will make them wonder whether you have time for your clients).

The best way to monitor whether you are posting too much is to look at your engagement rate and the amount of unlikes on your page.

If there is a high number of unlikes you may be annoying your audience and causing them to leave.

A low engagement rate (3% or less) will indicate that your fans aren’t interested in the content you are posting, or that you are posting too often and they have stopped engaging on every post. On the other hand, if your engagement rate is high it indicates your followers are enjoying your content, and you can try posting more often.

Tip: start by posting 2 – 4 times per week and then increase or decrease that based on how your followers engage.

⦁ What’s the difference between a Facebook post and an advert?

Facebook marketing FAQ #2. A Facebook post is posted to your timeline but no advertising budget is used to show this to a wider audience.
With Facebook paid ads you pay Facebook to show your ad to more people. This is similar to paying a magazine or newspaper to print an advert, except you pay for each result (engagement, click, etc.) instead of paying for the ad space.

Facebook posts and Facebook paid ads can look very similar, but a Facebook ad will say “sponsored” above the text. Look out for Facebook ads next time you are on Facebook.

⦁ I have a lot of page and post likes, but I’m not getting any leads – why is this?

Facebook marketing FAQ #3. There may be a lot of people on social media who like your product, service or brand, but do not need to, do not want to, or cannot afford to buy from your business. This means they will like your page and posts, but not convert into sales – or at least not yet.

Targeting the right audience will ensure better return on investment, sooner.
Here is an example:

A young lady may follow a wedding venue on Facebook and love all their posts, but she is not yet engaged and therefore won’t book the venue. However, bear in mind that when she does get engaged, possibly years later, she might book the venue for her wedding. She might also tell an engaged friend about the venue a few months down the line.
Social media marketing is about building a community and not only for generating leads, however when starting a new business, or when times are tough, leads and sales are what keep you in business, so we understand that this is important to you.

That said, wouldn’t it be better to ensure that the Facebook ads for the wedding venue are only shown to those who are already engaged and likely looking for a venue already? Definitely!

⦁ Why should I pay a social media specialist to run my paid advertising when I can boost posts myself?

Facebook marketing FAQ #4 explains the importance of targeting the correct audience with your ads. You can definitely manage your paid advertising yourself, but someone with more experience, who understands Facebook’s algorithm better will likely produce better results.

Paying a management fee for someone else to run your social media advertising may seem like an unnecessary expense, however this is nothing compared to the amount of money you could waste on ineffective Facebook ads.

⦁ Why haven’t I / my friends / my colleagues seen our Facebook ads?

Facebook marketing FAQ #5. Facebook shows your ads to those in your target audience, and those that Facebook’s algorithm considers most likely to engage/click (depending on your ad objective). Your budget also determines how many people see those ads.
For example, your target audience may have a possible reach on 300 000 people, but your budget will only allow you to reach 100 000. This means that not everyone will see your ads.

You can create custom audience, targeting everyone who has visited your website in the last 30 days, for example. However, this still doesn’t mean that everyone who visited the website will see those ads.

There is unfortunately no way to ensure that specific people will see your ads.

⦁ Why can’t I see my paid ads on my business page’s timeline?

Facebook marketing FAQ #6. Facebook ads, created in Ads Manager, are shown to your targeted audience while the campaign is live and not automatically posted to your page, therefore you will not see the ad on your business page but that doesn’t mean the ad isn’t live.

Still have more questions about social media advertising?
Our social media experts will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you to set up and manage your paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, or any other social media platforms.
Simply contact us on and we will give you all the information you need to market your business on social media.

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